for the Wild at Heart

We started WildJune with a simple goal in mind—create a uniquely American gin. Our approach was to Americanize the heart of gin by focusing on the juniper.  While gins vary by their botanicals, they all contain juniper. And the vast majority of gins use only the common juniper (the only palatable juniper found in Europe where gin originated).

In our quest to find a quintessentially American juniper, we travelled to the West Texas Mountains where we found a wild and rugged juniper called the red berry juniper.  With her plucky red color and juicy tart flavor, she’s a bit of a rebel. And the name WildJune was born. 

The red berry juniper is the eccentric American cousin to the European juniper.  She complements the traditional aromatic flavors of the common juniper with a unique sweetness.  Together, they are quite a powerful combination.  We then added other unusual botanicals including hops, a range of citrus, white pepper and cinnamon.  The eleven botanicals in total make for a wildly uncommon gin.

Red berry junipers grow wild out in West Texas where we forage for them in late summer and early autumn.  Berries are hand-picked and then carefully curated and vacuum sealed before our distiller works his magic.  Enjoy WildJune on the rocks to get the full bouquet of her wild side. Or highlight her versatility in a range of exceptional cocktails.  

If you are a fan of our WildJune Western Style Gin, you should try our other gins (all feature unique and wildcrafted Texas junipers). Check out our Checkerbark American Dry Gin and Barrel Rested Checkerbark from District Distilling Company (www.district-distilling.com). All three of our gins are exceptionally unique!


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